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New Theatre – Women, Power & Culture – Then and Now

Date: 1 November 2011
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It’s amazing to think that it’s taken Australian white women over 100 years to get from casting the first vote to nailing the top job. So, how far have we …

‘The rotting corpse of feminism.’ Women, the frontline and Clive Hamilton.

Date: 3 October 2011
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Is it a betrayal of feminism to feel uncomfortable about the prospect of women serving frontline combat roles? Those who feel squeamish (and those who don’t!) may be interested in …

Feminist Icons Make Philatelic History

Date: 1 February 2011
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As Farah Farouque points out, it’s a red letter day when women better known for their intellectual than their sporting prowess are ‘stamped for posterity’. Germaine Greer, Eva Cox, Elizabeth …

Louis Nowra or Germaine Greer: Which one will be remembered 100 years from now?

Date: 31 May 2010

In an article published in the March Monthly, Louis Nowra reviews the impact of Germaine Greer’s feminist statement The Female Eunuch, forty years on. Apparently she got it all wrong; …