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The Order of the British Empire - Commander (Military)
Matron Evelyn Augusta CONYERS
Sister Ethel Sarah DAVIDSON
Matron Ethel GRAY
Matron Adelaide Maud KELLETT
Matron Grace Margaret WILSON
The Order of the British Empire - Officer (Military)
Matron Clara Louisa ROSS
The Royal Red Cross
Sister Jessie Helena BUCHANAN
Sister Eva Helen CHAPMAN
Matron Alice Mary COOPER
Matron Edith CORNWELL
Matron Rose CREAL
Matron Jessie Ross GEMMELL
Headsister Julia Mary HART
Sister Nellie Francis HILL
Sister Eleanor Wibmer JEFFRIES
Headsister Constance Mabel KEYS
Sister Catherine McNAUGHTON
Sister Gertrude France MOBERLEY
Sister Laura Cumming PRATT
Matron Alice Marion PRICHARD
Sister Anastasia ROCHE
Sister Christine SORENSON
Matron Ethel Maud STRICKLAND
Sister Alice Joan TWYNAM
Ethelda Runnals UREN
Sister Evelyn Clara WILSON
The Royal Red Cross (2nd Class)
Sister Gertrude Jessie ANDREWS
Sister Jessie Macdonald BAXTER
Sister Ethel May BOLTON
Sister Agnes Grace BONNAR
Sister Isabella Tait BORWICK
Sister Ellen Bennett BROWN
SnrSister Emily Gertrude BROWNE
Sister Jean BRYDON
Sister Grace Helena BURNS
Sister Eileen Love CONNOLLY
Sister Elsie May COOKE
Sister Annie Isobel COOMBES
Headsister Emma Argyle CUTHBERT
Sister Ethel Maud DEMENT
Sister Katherine Minnie DONALDSON
Sister Elizabeth Helen DRAPER
Sister Marie Ruth FIELDING
Snurse Mary Ellen FISHER
Snurse Alma Ethel May FURNISS
Sister Effie May GARDEN
Sister Beatrice May GIBBINGS
Sister Jessie GIBSON
Headsister Clarice GREEN
Sister Elsie Stewart GREIG
Sister Esther HART
Snurse Ellen Ethel Jean HEDDERMAN
Sister Helen Marie Maud HOMAN
Sister Evelyn Victoria HUTT
Snurse Eileen Isabel HUTTON
Sister Gladys Webster JARRETT
Sister Hilda Fanny JONES
Sister Maggie JONES
Sister Helen KEITH
Sister Amy KING
Sister Elma Mary LINKLATER
Sister Ilma Gertrude LOVELL
Snurse Eva Isobel MACDONALD
Sister Jessie Buchanan McDONALD
Sister Ethel May MEADE
Sister Minnie Victoria MEARS
Sister Jane Elizabeth Beobridge MOLLOY
Sister Nano NAGLE
Sister Mary Evaline NICHOLSON
Sister Evelyn Jane NOBBS
Sister Catherine O'CONNOR
Sister Katherine Lawrence PORTER
Matron Rosa Elizabeth Kate QUARTERMAN
Sister Elizabeth REGAN
Matron Lily Jane RINDER
Annie Florence ROBERTS
Sister Lilian Jana RUTHERFORD
Sister Winifred Merlina SCOTT
Sister Ethel SMITH
Sister Louisa SNELLING
Sister Ethel Jeanett SOUTER
Sister Vera STEEL
Sister Constance Adelaide STONE
Sister Minnie WALSHE
Sister Annie Elizabeth WEST
Sister Elizabeth Jane WHITE
Headsister Margaret WOODS
Sister Minnie WRAY
Sister May Florence YOUNG
Sister Valerie Henrietta ZICHY-WOINARSKI