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Australian Women and Imperial Honours:
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The Order of the British Empire - Dames Commander
Lady Mabel Balcombe BROOKES
The Order of the British Empire - Commander (Civil)
Mrs Rita Mary BUXTON
Miss Elvie QUIGLEY
The Order of the British Empire - Officer (Civil)
Mrs Isabella Julia ANNAND
Miss Gwendoline North BURBIDGE
Miss Dorothy CARROLL
Miss Constance Muriel DAVEY
Miss Susan Agnes Jean HAINES
Mrs Elizabeth Anne HAMER
Lady Hannah Benyon LLOYD-JONES
Miss Doris Alice MASON
Miss Jane Anne McLEOD
Mrs Daphne Anne ROBERTS
Mrs Constance ROBERTSON
Mrs Nea Josephine RODWAY
Mrs Kathleen SANDOVER
Miss Kathleen Stirling SCRYMGOUR
The Order of the British Empire - Member (Civil)
Miss Ellen ANDERS
Mrs Elizabeth BAILEY
Mrs Moya Kanthleen BAILEY
Miss Marion Catherina BLAXLAND
Mrs Annie Priscilla BOOK
Mrs Olive Mabel CALVERT
Miss Maud Martha CAMERON
Mrs Catherine Wallace Miller CAMERON
Miss Annie Margaret CROME
Miss Evelyn Paget EVANS
Miss Rhoda Mary FELGATE
Mrs Ellen Margaret HALL
Miss Mary Josephine HEALION
Mrs Charlotte Maud JACKSON
Mrs Eva Elizabeth Carlyle JACOBS
Miss Nancy JOBSON
Mrs Eileen Mary Delia JOHNSTON
Mrs Cecelia May Ossoli KELLY
Miss Gertrude Margaret LUCAS
Mrs Annie May MADDEN
Miss Constance Cecily McGRATH
Mrs Helen RYAN
Miss Joan Harcourt SARGEANT
Miss Lily Constance TAYLOR
Miss Alice Evelyn TUCK
Miss Dorothy Mary WARD
Mrs Ada Beatrice WEBB
The Royal Red Cross
HonCol Ethel Jessie BOWE
The Royal Red Cross (2nd Class)
Capt Joan ELMS
Matron Norah MAHER
Capt Cecilie Catherine MOULTON
Maj Beatrice Joan PAIGE
The Order of the British Empire (Civil)
Mrs Gladys Mary FIRTH
The Order of the British Empire (Military)
LACW Kathleen Winifred PEARSON
Imperial Service Medal
Matron Jean Moray Blanche MACKIE
Matron Kathleen NOWLAND
Florence Muriel Irene RICHMOND
Housekeeper Lena ROWSE