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The Order of the British Empire - Dames Commander
Lady Edith Lilian BOLTE
The Order of the British Empire - Commander (Civil)
Lady Alice PATON
The Order of the British Empire - Officer (Civil)
Mrs Flora Alice JOHNSON
Mother Adela LARDI
Mrs Joan Howard ROBERTS
Mrs Claire ROSS
Mrs Elizabeth Worthington S SULLIVAN
Miss Margaret Elizabeth WADDELL
Miss Joan Mary WOODHILL
The Order of the British Empire - Member (Civil)
Mrs Mildred Alice BARRACLOUGH
Miss Marjorie Jean BARRY
Mrs Lorelei Emmeline BOOKER
Mrs Alice Josephine BUTLER
Mrs Elizabeth May CAMERON
Mrs Irene CAPEK
Mrs Alma Beryl Patricia COLVIN
Miss Marjorie CONNOR
Mrs Maria GOOMA
Mrs Sylvia Ismay HAMPSON
Mrs Catherine Mcleod HEMPHILL
Miss Marjorie Alexandra HIGGINS
Mrs Ivy Annie KAMHOLTZ
Mrs Marjorie Ruby Ker KERRY
Miss Marjorie Cordelia KIRKBRIGHT
Mrs Elizabeth Patricia MURRAY
Miss Margaret Cathcart NELSON
Mrs Norah O'KELLY
Mrs Jean Elizabeth PEART
Miss Kathleen Margaret PRESCOTT
Mrs Ellie Veronica PULLIN
Mrs Edena Doreen RELTON
Mrs Bridget Jane ROACH
Mrs Dorothy Mary RYAN
Miss Mollie Johnstone SCOTT
Mrs Winifred Patricia STAMP
Mrs Isabell Susan STOCKER
Miss Mary Joyce TRUELOVE
Mother Josephine Brigid TULLY
Mrs Phyllis Ethel VARDY
Mrs Margaret Mary VERN-BARNETT
Mrs Mary Victoria WALKER
Mrs Alma Margaret WEILEY
Mrs Isabella Jessie WYE
George Medal
Miss Mary Elizabeth GIBBS
The Queen's Police Medal
Insp Grace BREBNER
The Order of the British Empire (Civil)
Mrs Louisa Moutray ARNOLDT
Mrs Brenda Somerville BACKHOUSE
Mrs Joyce Isabel BARLOW
Miss Betha Lillian BREWER
Mrs Violet Blanche BROWN
Mrs Norah Catherine BUSCH
Mrs Elizabeth CARTER
Miss Phyllis Auburn CHADWICK
Miss Mary Eleanor CHRISP
Mrs Louise Emma May COWPE
Mrs Alma Bergen DICK
Mrs Doris Christina FULLER
Mrs Ellen Jane GALLAGHER
Miss Gladys May HACK
Mrs Margaret Jane HARRIS
Mrs Margaret Constance HEADLAM
Miss Vera Emily HOPTON
Miss Olive Mary KEMMIS
Mrs Aileen Victoria Elsie KENNEDY
Miss Inez Edna LEE
Mrs Elsie Chatrine LUND
Miss Gladys Kathleen MOIR
Miss Jean Gertrude MOLE
Miss Hilaire Clare MOORE
Mrs Mary Isabel MOSSENTON
Miss Dorothy Minnie MYERS
Mrs Dorothy Alice NICHOLLS
Miss Jean Sarah NICKELL
Mrs Margaret OPPEN
Mrs Clara Isabel OXLEY
Mrs Gladys Dorothy PALMER
Miss Gwendoline Jean PLUMB
Mrs Mary SHAPE
Mrs Lilian Gertrude WEBB
Miss Gladys Mary WYNN
Imperial Service Medal
Miss Bessie May ATKINS
Miss Mary Gladys BETTS
Matron Myra BOX
Miss Florence BROWN
Miss Eileen Mary CAMPIGLI
Miss Mary Catherine COLLINS
Miss Kathleen Lorna CREAGH
Mrs Zona DAVIS
Mrs Alma Annie KLEIN