Suzanne Catherine Ashmore-Smith

Lawyer, Political candidate, Taxation officer and Teacher

Suzanne Ashmore-Smith was a once-only candidate (ALP for Bligh in 1978), who later had a varied and successful career.

Suzanne Ashmore-Smith was educated at Santa Sabina College, Strathfield, and the University of Sydney, where she graduated in Arts (BA) and obtained her teacher's certificate. She later completed a law degree at the University of New South Wales (LLB).

She taught in schools in Papua New Guinea and Thailand and was a part-time tutor in politics at the UNSW for three years. In 1978 she became Assistant Research Officer with the Australian Taxation Office, later rising to become Assistant Commissioner.

Suzanne Ashmore-Smith joined the ALP c.1960. After returning to Australia from a long residence overseas, she rejoined the party and was elected a delegate to various party councils and to the Labor Women's Conference.

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Prepared by Annette Alafaci