Michelle Calvert

Activist and Lawyer

Michelle Calvert was Alderman in the Ashfield Municipal Council from 1991-95 and active in environmental issues. She later ran for the No Aircraft Noise Party in the Ashfield elections of 1995 and in the House of Representatives for Lowe in 1996.

Michelle Calvert grew up in Stanmore and went to school in Annandale and Petersham. She worked as a Police Prosecutor and as a senior investigator with the War Crimes Unit of the Commonwealth Department of the Attorney General. In 1996 she was working for LEAD, an organisation committed to reducing the risk of lead poisoning, especially in children.

She was President of the Haberfield Association for 10 years and was active in local environmental and community issues. She is married and has four children.

Her election leaflet reported that she lived under the flight path in Haberfield, which may explain her candidacy in 1995.

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Prepared by Annette Alafaci