Nancy Gordon Smith

31 May 1982
Wollstonecraft, New South Wales, Australia
Barrister, Lawyer, Secretary and Solicitor

Nancy Gordon Smith graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Sydney in 1959, followed by a Master of Laws degree in 1970. Although admitted to the Bar, she did not practise as a barrister. On 16 August 1964 she was admitted as a solicitor. At the time of her death she held the positions of Senior Solicitor and Deputy Secretary to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The University of Sydney awards two prizes in Smith's memory.The Nancy Gordon Smith Postgraduate Prize may be awarded annually on the recommendation of the Board of Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Law, University of Sydney, to the most proficient candidate for the degree of Master of Laws by coursework.

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Prepared by Marina Loane and Larissa Halonkin