Julie-Anne Schafer

Academic, Lawyer and Solicitor

Excerpt from the National Competition Council website:

Ms Julie-Anne Schafer is the President of the National Competition Council. Ms Schafer was appointed for a period of three years from 18 December 2015. Ms Schafer has 25 years of experience as a partner in the legal services sector. She has served on advisory committees for the law faculties of several universities in Queensland. She was also the Deputy Chancellor of the Queensland University of Technology. She has over 15 years of directorship experience in diverse and highly regulated sectors, including road and rail transport. Ms Schafer has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

In 1995-96 Julie-Anne Schafer became the second woman President of the Queensland Law Society.

Sources used to compile this entry: http://ncc.gov.au/about/our_councilors (viewed 30 August 2016).

Prepared by Larissa Halonkin