Woman Fiske, Patricia (Pat)

Director and Producer

Written by Caitlin Stone, The University of Melbourne

Patricia (Pat) Fiske was born in the USA and came to Australia in 1971. She worked as a secretary and builders' labourer and became involved in the Sydney Filmmakers Cooperative. One of her earliest films was Rocking the Foundations (1986), a documentary about the NSW Builders Laborers' Federation's 'green bans'. Her other films include For All the World to See (1992), focusing on the work of eye surgeon Fred Hollows and Australia Daze (1989), a documentary about Australia's bicentennial. In 2001, she won a Walkley Award for her documentary on private prisons, Business Behind Bars. It was also in 2001 that she won Film Australia's Stanley Hawes Award for contributions to documentary filmmaking in Australia.

Archival Resources

National Film and Sound Archive

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Published Resources

Magazine Articles

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