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5 MMM FM Community Radio [ephemera collection]

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference SA Organisations File
  • Date Range 1979 - 1992
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    5 MMM was a public radio broadcasting which presented a number of women’s programs like Women’s Weekly, and Sunday Monthly. The programs had female presenters at a time when commercial stations did not. The women produced, wrote, presented and were the audio engineers. A small collective organised the program’s time lines content and themes. The station became 3D radio in 1988. (Commencement date unclear – 1993) Publications released by the Station, including a short history. Community radio station 5MMM (also referred to as Triple M) features music generally ignored by the established stations, including high quality jazz, album rock, and other contemporary progressive music styles. The station is dependant on direct community support. In 1993, Hoyts paid 5MMM for the right to use the Triple M name (for then radio station 5KKA), and 5MMM then converted to 5DDD (also referred to as Three d Radio) (Source: brochure, SLSA catalogue & Wikipedia) Includes OutLoud a program for gay and lesbian radio which aired on a Saturday afternoon in 1992.

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