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Abortion in South Australia before 1970 : SUMMARY RECORD [sound recording] Interviewer: Barbara Baird

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference OH 91
  • Date Range Apr-90 - Aug-90
  • Description

    17 hours 35 minutes. Interviews with women, doctors, members of the police force and an abortionist concerning the experience and issue of abortion in South Australia prior to 1970 when abortion was legalised under certain circumstances under the provisions of the Criminal Law Consolidation Act Amendment Act, 1969. Most of the interviewees are identified only by pseudonyms and the transcripts have been edited to remove names of people and places which might specifically identify the interviewees or others about whom they speak who were involved in illegal abortions.

  • Access Tape recordings restricted until 31 December 2020 except for OH 91/5, /8, /10 and /13. No access restrictions apply to use copy transcripts.
  • Finding Aid Full or edited transcripts available, except for OH 91/14 (309 pages)