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Adam, Margarita

( – 2007)
  • Died 21 July, 2007, Annandale New South Wales Australia
  • Occupation Barrister, Editor, Indexer, Lawyer, Legal Reporter


Margarita Adam (nee Teddo) graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1966 and was admitted to the New South Wales Bar on 18 March of that year. She had not been at the Bar long before she took up legal reporting, for which she adopted the use of a pseudonym derived from her initial and surname. Adam, whose reports appeared in the New South Wales Reports, the Argus Reports and the Australian Law Reports, remained on the practising barristers’ list until the mid-1970s. She obtained work with Butterworths as an editor and indexer.

Published resources

  • Report
    • Australian and New Zealand citator to UK reports 1558-1972 : covering the Law reports 1865-1972, Weekly law reports 1853-1972, All England law reports 1558-1972 (including reprint and extension volumes), Siebel, Kingsley and Adam, Margarita, 1974
    • Western Australian law reports, 1865-1969 : index digest, Adam, M. and Sumner-Potts, M., 1971
    • All England law reports 1936-1970, All England law reports reprint 1558-1935 and All England law reports reprint extension volumes 1895-1935, Adam, M., 1971
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