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Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre : SUMMARY RECORD

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference SRG 808
  • Date Range 1976 - 1993
  • Description

    The Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre was formed after the Hindmarsh Women’s Community Centre, a free medical service for women had operated for a short time, and the need for a separate service became apparent with the numbers of women reporting past and present rapes and the lack of services for women and girls. The centre was modelled on the newly formed Sydney Rape Crisis Centre. They had three main purposes to support women after the rape, change attitudes to rape and to teach self defence. They organised the first Reclaim the Night March in Adelaide. The group made a submission to the Mitchell Report on Rape and Other Sexual Offences. It is now titled Yarrow Place. Comprises: annual reports; notices of meeting; correspondence; financial records; training manuals; conference papers; reports; and journal articles relating to the day to day business and organisation of the Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre.

  • Quantity 25 m
  • Access Series 22/3 not available until 2083.

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