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Alice Henry papers

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    Bibliographies, reports, biographical notes, newspaper and magazine cuttings, and photographs re feminism. These relate to American feminists and feminism in general., The material covers an extensive collection of American feminist publications, magazine and newspaper cuttings, notes, and biographical sketches on prominent American feminists. Publications include material by the National Women’s Trade Union League of America, United States Department of Labor, Amalgamated Centre-Chicago and Chicago Women’s Clubs., Other papers include the Women’s Charter, and material on trade unions and International Congress of Women. Miscellaneous items include world-wide literary, political and historical references to women in society. These include: “A bibliography of the woman movement: a guide to reading”: extracts published in ‘The Suffragist’, 1920, entitled a “Bibliography of feminism”. Reading list – “Women in industry” (advance proof). Report on the questionnaire sent out by the International Council of Women regarding the status of women in literature and journalism in Australia, submitted to the Press, Letters and Arts Committee of the National Council of Women, Victorian Branch. Papers, 1895-1942: these include correspondence, published and unpublished articles by Alice Henry and miscellaneous Australian and International feminist papers. Papers, 1898-1940 on the Playgrounds and Recreation Association of Victoria (P.R.A.V.), Playground Association of Queensland, First International Recreation Congress, 1932, recreational organizations and correspondence schools in Australia. These include: Letters signed by Miss E. D. Kelsall; annual report of P.R.A.V. Report on demonstration playground; 15th and 16th annual report of the Playground Association of Queensland, official re-opening of Paddington Playground, 1936. American papers re First international Recreation Congress with Alice Henry as a delegate representing Australia, extracts from papers delivered at the Congress, including abstract of address by E. S. Marks, entitled “Recreation in Australia and sports played”; other papers relate to New York Women’s Trade Union League; Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America; World Council of Youth and the Tenth Olympiad. Papers re correspondence schools include newspaper cuttings, booklets re lessons, ‘Round-up’ magazine, 1939; “Education for sparsely populated areas” article by Clarence Lewis, 1935; “Primary education by correspondence” article by K. S. Cunningham, 1931. Report from Hobart Education Office, 1939; copies of correspondence between Alice Henry and Departments of Education in each Australian State and New Zealand; miscellaneous notes on history of correspondence schools. Extract of annual report of the League of Nations re education in New Guinea, 1939; two unpublished papers by A. Henry entitled “Johnnie and Mary, a hundred miles from school” and “Schooling in the back-blocks of Australia”,25 photographs of children attending correspondence schools in South Australia, and notes on schools in Adelaide under supervision of Miss Twiss. Includes nine photographs of Australian Inland Mission and magazine cutting on John Flynn. Bibliography of the works of Australian women writers. General papers on feminism include biographical sketches of prominent world-wide feminists, esp. Emmeline Pankhurst, Katharine Bruce Glasier, Eglantyne Jebb, Rosikia Schwimmer. Legal status question, booklets re illegitimate children in Norway and World Friendship Among Children. Extracts from ‘The Vote’ and ‘Pax International’, and newspaper cuttings re socialist and trade union issues. A collection of photographs which include wards of the state in South Australia, 1903. Old and invalid men, 1903. Feminists: Elizabeth Maloney, Margaret Bondfield, Susan B. Anthony, Rose Scott, Laura B. Garratt, Annie Lister Watson, Lillian Locke Burns, Mrs R. Macarthur, Ethel Snowden, Dr Kate MacKay, Mrs T. Billington-Greig, J. Forbes-Robertson and Dr John William Yorke Fishbourne.

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