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AWLA [Australian Women’s Land Army] movements of girls

  • Repository National Archives of Australia, Sydney Office
  • Reference Series C605; Control Symbol LA223C; Item Barcode 323907
  • Date Range 1944 - 1945
  • Description

    This series consists of general correspondence of the Australian Women’s Land Army, New South Wales. The records mainly cover administrative matters such as travel, uniforms, wages, health matters, food, training etc. Correspondence is mainly with government departments including the Manpower Directorate, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Commerce and Agriculture. A large proportion of the correspondence is with field officers and consists of returns and requisitions, reports on hostels, camps and members’ activities. Included is correspondence with private organizations e.g. the Red Cross and the Country Women’s Organization, and with private individuals requesting or offering assistance or advice. Copies of the Land Army monthly magazine from all states, and records of individual members of the headquarters staff are included in this series. Newspaper clippings, booklets, samples of fabric of uniforms and negatives are attached to a number of files.

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