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BATES, Mrs Daisy May

  • Repository Royal Geographical Society of South Australia Inc.
  • Reference MS. 9c
  • Date Range 1912 - 1934
  • Description

    Correspondence 1918-1934, papers and cuttings 1912-1922. The nine letters from D. M. Bates are closely written on 4to paper and run from 2 to 7pp. Two letters 24 Dec. 1918 from Yulbari Camp and 30 Jan. 1919 are to T. E. Barr Smith. Four letters 1919-1922, chiefly from Ooldea, are to T. Gill. With them are three photographs taken at Ooldea 1919-1920. Letter 24 Mar. 1919 from Soldiers’ Home, Fullarton, returns enclosed proofs of a description of the Nullarbor by T. Brown with MS. Corrections by D. M. Bates. (T. Brown’s description is published in Procs R.G.S. A’sia S.A. Branch, v.l 9, pp.141-153.) Letter 7 Oct. 1919, 7pp. Is a description of Ooldea accompanied by typescript and printed sections with MS. Corrections. This description is published with two of the photographs mentioned above in Procs R.G.S. A’sia S.A. Branch, v.21, pp.73-78. Two letters 1934, with typescript copies, to T. E. Barr Smith concern the publication other Histories of the Native Tribes of South and Western Australia. Letters 1931 to or concerning D. M. Bates, with typescript copies, refer to her vocabularies of aboriginal languages. The cuttings are pasted into a foolscap exercise book. They include a portrait of D M Bates.

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