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  • Entry ID: AWH002065


  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference PRG 1366
  • Date Range 1905 - 2015
  • Description

    Records of Betty Fisher comprising papers relating to the life and career of Irene Bell; the International Women’s Day Committee; the Australian Labor Party; the Women’s Studies Certificate at TAFE; the Printing and Kindred Industries Union; the Women’s Suffrage Centenary; the South Australian Association of State School Organisations; the Women’s Liberation Movement; Raven Publishers; the Conservation Council of South Australia; the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport; the National Fitness Council of South Australia; the Town and Country Planning Association; the Union of Australian Women; the Vietnamese Women’s Tour Group; and the Women’s Information Switchboard Support Group; correspondence relating to the publication of “Women in bustles or people in history?”; personal papers of Betty Fisher; newspaper and magazine cuttings compiled by Betty on feminism and politics; an oil painting by Aboriginal artist Rosalie Andersen and film; and family history papers and photographs of Betty Fisher relating to the Dawson and Booker families.

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  • Access Series 49 Originals withdrawn.

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  • Primary Creator
    • Fisher, Elizabeth M. (1925 - )
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