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  • Entry ID: AWH002002

Community Harmony: A Migrant Oral History Project : SUMMARY RECORD [sound recording] Interviewers: Angelika Tyrone and Christianna Chan

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference OH 622
  • Date Range Aug-01
  • Description

    3 hours (approx. to date) A project initiated by the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia, aimed at giving migrants to Australia the opportunity to record the stories of their migration experiences. The interviews will form the basis for creating initiatives and strategies for developing greater community harmony and increased understanding of cultural diversity and how it enhances life in South Australia. The project aims to establish partnerships with a number of organisations including Federal and State Government, educational bodies, police, business, the media, industry and trade. The project commenced in 2001 and is a work in progress.

  • Access No access until project is completed