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Correspondence files, multiple number series

  • Repository National Archives of Australia, Melbourne Office
  • Date Range 1919 - 1942
  • Description

    This series was the main correspondence series for Army Headquarters and includes correspondence relating to matters within the jurisdiction of the Military Board of Administration. It covers areas such as administration, organisation, staffing, training, ordnance, stores and transport. Files were raised in accordance with a multiple number system by which primary and secondary numbers were allocated to primary and secondary subjects, after the primary subjects had been placed in alphabetical order. The third number was allocated consecutively within the primary/secondary numbers. Papers were attached to other related papers for action, and these attachments were recorded in the registration booklets (B1536). Sometimes these attachments were only temporary and papers were detached and placed with other papers or were used to provide the base papers of anotherfile. File covers were used infrequently, as the system of file construction made file titling impossible. Sometimes papers were placed in Department of Army covers and the broad subject area was indicated. Military Branch covers can also still be found on some files. These indicate that the papers were formally placed before the Military Board at one of its meetings. Many items have been placed in manila folders since their transfer to Archives. This series was culled during the early 1950’s by the department.

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