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Country Women’s Association of South Australia

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  • Date Range 1924 - 1988
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    Photographs, newspaper clippings, letters and profiles of the founders of the Country Women’s Association (CWA), 1924-1953 (4 folders). Minutes of current branches, groups and states committees, 1926-1985 (12 metres of shelving). Report books of the State Committee of the CWA, 1929-1987 (1 metre of shelving). Correspondence, plans, minutes of the State Property Committee and branch property officers, 1931-1988 (3 metres of shelving). Certificates, photographs and sketches of the founders of the CWA and its activities, 1931-1984 (30 items). Minutes, receipts, accounts, donor lists of the Outback Relief Scheme, 1931 (1 packet). Minutes, scrapbooks, newspaper cuttings, maps and correspondence held by the Country Women’s Association of South Australia relating to the Association of Country Women of the World, 1933-1988 (15 metres of shelving). Booklets noting the changes to the CWA constitution, 1934-1987 (1 metre of shelving). Minutes, notes and photographs of Handicraft Committee and the Schools of Instruction conducted over the years 1936-1988 (5 metres of shelving). Minutes and treasurers books of defunct branches, 1936-1988 (9 metres of shelving). Annual reports and newspaper reports regarding the Australia wide organisation, the Country Women’s Association of Australia, 1936-1986 (1 metre of shelving). Minutes, directives, receipts for the making of camouflage nets, airmen’s and merchant navymen’s sheep skin vests, lifeboat slippers and mittens during the war, 1940-1945 (2 packets). Illuminated address books and the ‘Book of Honour’ dealing with luminaries in the CWA, 1941-1987 (3 vols). Details of fundraising for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, United Nations, National Trust, also includes surveys and submissions to Parliament as well as a history of the Northern Territory CWA, 1942-1988 (4 metres of shelving). Notes, minutes and correspondence regarding Housekeeping Scheme and flood relief during the 1956 flood on the River Murray, 1945-1980 (2 packets). Radio scripts and notes of radio broadcasts, 1949-1973 (1 folder). Publications relating to the history of the CWA in various country districts and on a State level, includes recipe books and home hints, 1950-1988 (2 metres of shelving). District and town histories prepared by branch members, 1951-1969 (8 folders). Photographs, press clippings, programs of Royal visits prepared by branch members, 1954-1956 (1 metre of shelving). Histories of branches and divisions, 1967-1987 (1 metre of shelving). Scrapbooks prepared by members in 1969 to mark the golden jubilee of the CWA in South Australia, material used dates from 1929 (2 metres of shelving). Newspaper clippings and photographs of various activities of the CWA, each volume devoted to a separate topic, 1969-1988 (22 vols). Correspondence and photographs relating to the preparation of branch banners, 1985 (1 metre of shelving).

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