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  • Entry ID: AWH000098

Demonstration outside Fairlea Women’s Prison, Melbourne, ca. 1970 [picture]

  • Repository National Library of Australia, Pictures Collection
  • Reference PIC P2230/1-12 LOC Drawer A113
  • Date Range 1970 - 1970
  • Description

    The 12 photographs show a rally outside Fairlea Women’s Prison, Fairfield, Vic., in support of 5 women who had been imprisoned for handing-out anti-conscription leaflets whilst on government property. The women belonged to S.O.S. (Save Our Sons) who objected in particular to the conscription of 18 year old boys who at that time were not eligible to vote. Speakers at the rally include Dr Jim Cairns MP Bill Hartley, Ian Cathy MP, Ted Bull (Sect. Waterside Workers Federation), George Crawford (Sect. Plumbers Union). The women’s children, and families are also shown, and their placards.

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