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Derham, Enid

  • Repository The University of Melbourne Archives
  • Reference 1993.0094
  • Date Range 13-Jan-27 - Feb-28
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    Consists of photographs documenting Enid Derham s grand tour of Egypt, the Mediterranean, Europe, and England in 1927. Series includes photographs of ancient monuments in Egypt, Greece and Italy, trekking through the Alps, along with photographs of buildings, landscapes and local people, Christmas in Switzerland, and the return trip to Australia by ship. Photographs are annotated on the back with descriptions and numbers, presumed to be by Derham. Photographs are divided into the following groupings based on the original numbering: 1-58 On Ship and in Egypt; 60-118 Athens & Greece; 119-175 Crete; 176-306 Greece (1927); 307-421 Italy; 422-527 France; 528-[599] England (1927); 600-706 England; 707-802 Europe; 803-[899] Europe; 900-985 Europe (cont’d); 986-1095 England; 1100-1173 England & Return to Australia. Series also includes photographs that are unnumbered, but are probably part of the same trip, along with copies of family photographs, and a large studio portrait of Enid Derham.

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    • Derham, Enid (1882 - 1941)