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Fahey, Susan

  • Occupation Lawyer, Solicitor


Admitted as a barrister and solicitor in 1999, Susan Fahey moved from private practice family law to the Women’s Legal Service Tasmania (WLS) in 2002. In managing the service since 2007, Susan is an employer and mentor who encourages the notion that lawyers don’t just work within the confines of the law but also have the power to use the law for everyone’s benefit. Providing a free government-funded community legal service throughout Tasmania, WLS conducts community education workshops and brochures, working to make the legal system more accessible and responsive to issues affecting women. CEO and principal solicitor Susan says WLS produced the award-winning www.girlsgottaknow.com.au the largest legal information site/app in Australia. In 2014 Susan won the Tasmanian Women Lawyers Biennial Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to the practice, development and education of law and social justice.

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