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Fairfax family – papers, 1804-1948

  • Repository State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 459
  • Date Range 1804 - 1948
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    I. JOHN FAIRFAX, 1804-1866 1855; Letters received (2) from William Timothy Cape, 4 June 1855 and Alfred Pope, 29 Sept. 1855 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/1X) 1804-1866; Miscellaneous printed material (Call No.: MLMSS 459/1X) II. SARAH FAIRFAX, nee READING, 1840-1857 1840-1857; Subscription book for the erection of the new Congregational Church, Pitt Street, Sydney, 1840-1857 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/1X) III. SIR JAMES READING FAIRFAX, 1853-1918 1853-1917; Letters received (19) from John Fairfax, Sarah Fairfax, Edward Wilfred Fairfax, Emily Ross and Oswald Brierly (Call No.: MLMSS 459/1X) 1855-1918; Miscellaneous papers, including a memoir of John Fairfax, 1878 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/1X) 1873-1889; Diaries concerning his trips to England and Europe, 20 Apr.-5 May 1873, 27 Apr.-1 Nov. 1889, 30 June 1890-3.Feb.1891; diary containing reminiscences of his family’s arrival in Australia in 1838, 15 May 1915 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/2) IV. LUCY FAIRFAX, nee ARMSTRONG, 1888 31 Dec.1888; Circular letter received from Lady Carrington (Call No.: MLMSS 459) V. MARY ELIZABETH FAIRFAX, 1879-1943 1879-1941; Letters received (6) from James Reading Fairfax, Rev. John G. Fraser, Charles Lloyd Jones, W. Farmer Whyte and Percy S. Allen, 17 Feb. 1879-6 Mar.1941; together with newspaper cuttings concerning the Sydney Morning Herald centenary and J.F. Fairfax’s ‘The Story of John Fairfax’, 6-14 Feb.1941 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/2) 1881-1943; Diaries concerning her trips to England and Europe, 28 Aug.1881-22 Sept.1883, 27 Apr.-31 Dec.1889; diary concerning her trip to India, 2 Nov.1896-10 Jan.1897; pocket diaries, 1942-1943; address book, date unknown; miscellaneous papers found loose in diaries (Call No.: MLMSS 459/2) VI. CHARLES BURTON FAIRFAX, 1919 1919; Letters received from James Reading Fairfax (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) VII. EDWARD WILFRED FAIRFAX, 1932 1932; Letter received from Mary Elizabeth Fairfax (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) VIII. MARY MARGUERITE FAIRFAX, nee LAMB, 1948 1948; Letter received from Charles Lloyd Jones enclosing copies of letters from David Jones and his wife Jane to their children, 1849 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) IX. JOHN FITZGERALD FAIRFAX, ca.1941-1947 ca.1941; Draft ms. of chapters VIII-XI of ‘The Story of John Fairfax’ (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) 1946-1947; List of contributors to the Bega District News, 5 Dec.1946-16 Jan. 1947 (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) X. JAMES GRIFFYTH FAIRFAX, 1936 1936; Newspaper cuttings of article and poems (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3) XI. ANNE ARMSTRONG, 1900-1901 22 Oct.1900-21 July 1901; Letters received (4) from Mary Elizabeth Fairfax (Call No.: MLMSS 459/3)

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