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Ida Lee notebooks, 1919-1931, and letters received, 1937

  • Repository Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 337
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    I Notebooks, 1919-1931 A. Miscellaneous notes on exploration of Antarctica, c. 1819-1829. B. Extracts from and notes on Allan Cunningham, 1816-1839, including botanical notes. C. Extracts from Robert Howard: Biographical Sketch of the late Allan Cunningham, 1842. D. Copy of ‘A Journal of a Voyage from England to Van Diemen’s Land and Batavia in the Ship Caroline of Calcutta R. L. Hare A.D. 1827-1828 by Rosalie H. A. Hare’. E. Copy of ‘The Voyage of Pedro Sarmiento to the Straits of Magellan in the year 1579’. II Letters to Ida Marriott, Nov. – Dec. 1937, mainly about the publication of her books

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    • Lee, Ida Louisa (1865 - 1943)