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Interview with Isobel Richardson [sound recording] Interviewer: June Donovan

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference OH 250/9
  • Date Range 8-Apr-94 - 8-Apr-94
  • Description

    1 hour 10 minutes Isobel Richardson was born in Indianapolis in the United States. The family returned to South Australia when Isobel was four years old and, by the time she began secondary school at the Walford Anglican School for Girls, had settled in Blackwood. Isobel trained as a nurse and specialised in infant welfare, working for many years with the Mothers’ and Babies’ Health Association. She explains how she first heard about the Oxford Group and Moral Rearmament. The movement’s emphasis on self-knowledge, moral absolutes, the involvement of people of all faiths and nationalities, and working on a global scale responded to Isobel’s needs and interests. She describes her involvement with MRA which has, after her retirement, working at the MRA centre at Panchgani in India. She speaks of other South Australians involved in MRA and comments that many traditional MRA issues, such as Australia’s relationship to Asia, are now concerns of the wider community.

  • Formats Sound recording (cassette) analogue
  • Finding Aid Full transcript available (17 pages)

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