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Interview with Jean Blackburn, economist, educationalist and Chancellor, University of Canberra [sound recording] / interviewer, Peter Read

  • Repository National Library of Australia, Oral History and Folklore Collection
  • Reference ORAL TRC 2303/17
  • Date Range 21-Jul-88 - 21-Jul-88
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    Blackburn speaks of the division between the Adelaide Aborigines who followed Dr Duguid and those wanting to manage their own affairs; help given to the Progressive Association; the hostility of the Aborigine Advancement League; Dr Duguid’s attitude to Aborigines; the Advancement League’s attitude of assimilation; demands made on leading Aborigines; Perkins’ role as intermediary; Aboriginal boys and girls from government-run Homes being bound for trades and domestic service; the need for a hostel; the welfare work of the Advancement League; protectionist attitude of the Advancement League; difficulties for white people in allowing Aborigines to manage their own affairs; the lack of black people on the executive of the Advancement League; Laurie Bryan’s role in the Advancement League; difficulties faced by organisations; Aborigines’ political drive; Perkins as leader. Peter Read collection of interviews conducted for his book entitled, Charles Perkins : a biography

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