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Issy Wyner Collection Box 83 Miscellaneous

  • Repository Inner West Council, Balmain Library, Local History Archive
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    Folders contain material relating to issues of interest to Issy Wyner occurring with Leichhardt Municipality, 1965-1994. Box 83/1/1: Development – Balmain (Cush & Co site): Various documents reports and newspaper articles relating to the use of land bounded by Mullens, Parsons, Crescent and Mansfield Streets, Rozelle. Includes Council report, Item 2452, 12.02.1974 on H.H. Cush & Co. Pty Ltd, sawmillers, case makers and wood processors, requesting the rezoning of land bounded by Mullens, Parsons, Crescent and Mansfield Streets, Rozelle; Use of property by Lockrey & Cooper Hoardings Pty, Ltd. (owners Sydney County Council), on the corner of Mullens & Parsons Streets, Rozelle (1989); Petitions from local residents objecting to proposed development of site, 1-13 Parsons Street, 183-189 Mullens Street, Rozelle (1989); Council reports on the illegal use of the premises by Lockrey & Cooper for the storage, distribution, hiring and retail of timber hoardings, timber and other building material and the decision that Council institute proceedings in the Land & Environment Court (1990); Documents from the Rozelle Valley Residents Group re proposed auction of land on the corner of Mullens & Parsons Street, Rozelle in 12.03.1991; Council reports on the proposed rezoning of the land to allow residential development, open space and commercial activities (1992-1993), 1974, 1989-1994. Box 83/1/2: Development – Balmain (51 Reynolds Street, Balmain): Correspondence and photographs re Council’s objection to the installation of an arched window at the premises, 1991. Box 83/1/3: Development – Balmain (3 James Street, Balmain): Correspondence and photographs of submission to Issy Wyner from the owner of 3 James Street re proposed extensions to his residential property, 1988. Box 83/2: Balmain Jazz & Blues Festival: Various documents including Council reports, newspaper articles and publicity material on the planning and conduct on the Balmain Jazz & Blues Festival, 25-27.03.1994. Box 83/3: 10 Hancock Street, Rozelle: Various council documents, reports and newspaper articles on proposals of use of 8-10 Hancock Street, Rozelle (owned by State Transit) as a car park (1992) and proposal by Barcham (Balmain & Rozelle Chamber of Commerce) to purchase the buildings and land they occupy and restore the buildings (1994). Report tabled at an Extraordinary Meeting of Leichhardt Council, 07.02.1995 contains details of Barcham’s proposal, copy of a contamination report prepared by Analchem Bioassay Pty. Ltd, December 1994 and reports on application for a photographic studio on the site (1995). Box 83/4: Balmain Association: Various reports, correspondence, minutes of meetings, publicity material and newspaper articles re issues of interest to the Balmain Association. Includes Council report on the National Trust’s request that area occupied by Dickson, Primer & Co. Pty. Ltd. and adjacent areas at Balmain East be rezoned as residential and that the house “Ewenton” be preserved as an historic building (1963); Correspondence to Issy Wyner, 06.11.1965 advising of a public meeting held at Balmain Town Hall 04.11.1965 with purpose of forming an association of residents and others interested in the district and attaching a list of the aims of the association to be known as the Balmain Association; Minutes of the Historical Sub-Committee; Eighth Annual report, August 1973; Typescript document, “Cockatoo Island : early days”; 1965-1989. Box 83/5: Newspaper articles: Newspaper articles on various issues on interest occurring within Leichhardt Municipality, 1990-1995. Box 83/6: Local issues: Various miscellaneous documents and newspaper articles. Includes an issue of “Rank Comment”, No 5, 1975/1 with article “Time to act at Leichhardt”; Correspondence from The Creative Leisure Movement with attached “potted history” of the movement, 1977; Copy of document, “A Council in operation” providing a comparison of procedures at Leichhardt council 1971-1974 with 1974-1977; Copy of “Tranby”, Vol. 1, No 1 containing a selection of material written by the students of Tranby Aboriginal Co-Operative, 1978; Newspaper article on Spike Milligan’s appearance at the Balmain Bijou theatre in 1976; Newspaper articles and Council report on Leichhardt Council’s investment with Nugan Hand Bank, 1980 and Municipality of Leichhardt Information to ratepayers leaflets for 1978, 1980,1981, 1975-1991. Box 83/7: Bound volume: Contains material on ANL operations at Mort Bay and associated issues including traffic and pollution. Includes reports, newspaper articles and photographs, 1974-1975. Collection donated by Isadore (Issy) Wyner (1916-2008) to Leichhardt Library, Balmain branch in November 2007. Mr Wyner served as an alderman on Leichhardt Council 1959-1974, 1977-1980, 1984-1991.

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