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  • Entry ID: AWH001998

Italo-Australian Women in South Australia : SUMMARY RECORD [sound recording] Interviewers: Marina Berton & Caterina Andreacchio

  • Repository State Library of South Australia
  • Reference OH 90
  • Date Range Mar-90 - Sep-91
  • Description

    21 hours 15 minutes Conducted under the auspices of Filef (the Italian Federation of Emigrant Workers and their Families), the project focuses on the experiences of marriage and emigration of women born in Italy and now living in South Australia. The interviews are designed to give the interviewees the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and to express their thoughts about the future. The study also attempts to emphasise that Italo-Australian women were not passive victims of emigration but that they responded creatively and resourcefully to an alien society and in so doing have become active members of it, although their activity has of necessity assumed forms that have not been visible to members of the mainstream society.

  • Formats Sound recording (cassette) analogue