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[J.C. Williamson scrapbooks of music and theatre programmes, Sydney and Melbourne, 1905-1921] [microform]

  • Repository National Library of Australia
  • Reference mfm N 513
  • Date Range 1905 - 1921
  • Description

    Primarily flyers with some programmes of plays, musicals, pantomimes, opera and ballet held in venues such as Criterion Theatre, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Theatre Royal (Melbourne, Sydney), Palace Theatre. Also includes venues in Brisbane and New Zealand. Touring companies include J.C. Williamson’s Dramatic Co., Prince of Pilsen Co., New English Musical Comedy Co., Grand Opera Co., New Musical Comedy Co., Quinlan Grand Opera Co., Imperial Russian Ballet, Gilbert and Sullivan Repertoire Co., Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Co. The artists include Tittell Brune, H.B. Irving, Charles Waldron, Ola Humphrey, Margaret Anglin, Carrie Moore, Nellie Steward, Muriel Starr, Florence Young, Marie Tempest, Oscar Asche, John D. O’Hara, M.B. Figman, Fred Niblo, Adeline Genee, Julius Knight, Adams and Waters, Barry Lupino. Includes programmes to the Melbourne (Sept. 1913) and Sydney (Oct.-Dec. 1913) seasons of the complete Ring of the Nibelung. ”Boomerang by Winchell Smith”: v.3, p. 83. ”Sign of the Cross by Wilson Barrett”: v., p. 15, 64 ; v.3, p. 92, 113 ; v.4, p. 223. Includes six programmes of Dame Judith Anderson’s early career under the name Francee Anderson: v.3, p. 90-92, 97, 110, 113. Gladys Moncrieff appears with the Royal Comic Opera Co.: v.4, p. 192, 207, 214, 232, 234, 235, 246, 255, 265, 274, 289, 299. Amy Castles appears in opera: v.1 ; v.4, p. 236, 237, 242-245, 247, 249, 258-259, 261. ”Digger-Pierrots”: v.4, p. 262-263. Includes flyers to the Melba Grand Opera Season, 1911: v.1, p. 126-132

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