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Julia Freebury – papers, mainly concerning the campaign for abortion on request , including the records of the Abortion Law Repeal Association, together with related material, 1964-1984.

  • Repository Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 7012
  • Date Range 1964 - 1984
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    Correspondence, 1964-1984, mainly of the Abortion Law Repeal Association (NSW); the bulk of the correspondence is for the period 1971-1975 when Julia Freebury was secretary of ALRA and most of the letters sent were written by her to parliamentarians, doctors, academics, the media, other abortion rights organisations (Australian and international), etc.; correspondents include, Anne Deveson, Beatrice Faust, Gisele Halimi, Diane Munday, George Petersen, Malcolm Potts, Madeline Simms, Bertram Wainer, Jim Woolnough (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/1) Papers concerning the campaign to repeal abortion law in NSW, including pamphlets, leaflets, etc., from ALRA (NSW), Women’s Electoral Lobby, Women’s Abortion Action Committee, ca.1970 – ca.1980 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/1) Papers concerning various aspects of the abortion debate and related issues, including: ‘The law and practice relating to abortion: a critique of the law in NSW and England’, paper by Prof. Rupert Cross, 1968; ‘Abortion law and reform in Australia’, paper by J. L. Davies, 1970; transcripts of three episodes of the ABC television program ‘Four Corners’, 30 March 1968, 2 May 1970, 6 April 1977; transcript of the address by Dr Germaine Greer given at the Abortion Debate at Sydney Town Hall, 2 March 1972 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/2) ’USA Debate Papers’: leaflets, newsletters, journal articles, etc., from various abortion rights groups in the USA, including Catholics for a Free Choice, National Association for Repeal of Abortion Laws, Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, Society for Humane Abortion, Inc., 1966-1983 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/2) ’UK Data’: papers concerning the campaign for abortion rights in Britain, including material from the Abortion Law Reform Association, leaflets, journal articles, newscuttings, etc., 1964-1984 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/2) ’Right to Life Leaflets’: material produced by the Right to Life Association and the Festival of Light, including pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, election ephemera, etc., 1971-1983 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/2) Papers relating to the Royal Commission on Human Relationships, including submission by Julia Freebury, 1974-1977 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/2) Printed items, including: ‘Report of the Committee appointed at the request of the Archbishop of Sydney to consider the adequacy of the laws in NSW relating to abortion’ 1969; NSW Parliamentary Debates, 11-12 August 1971; ‘Abortion: the Bobigny affair, a law on trial: a complete record of the pleadings at the Court of Bobigny, 8 November 1972’ by Michele Chevalier [translation by Beryl Henderson], Sydney: Wild & Woolley, 1975; ‘Proceedings of first Australian conference on adoption, 15-20 February 1976, University of NSW, Sydney’ (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/3) Newscuttings concerning the abortion debate and related issues: comprising 1 folder of loose cuttings, 1967-1983, and 28 scrapbooks, 1968-1984, in chronological order, annotated and partially indexed by Julia Freebury . loose cuttings, 1967-1983 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/3) . scrapbooks, 1968-1969 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/3) . scrapbooks, 1969-1971 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/4) . scrapbooks, 1971-1973 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/5) . scrapbooks, 1973-1976 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/6) . scrapbooks, 1976-1984 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/7) Material used at demonstrations, in Sydney, for abortion on request, including smocks, placards and stickers [1970s] (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/8X) Papers concerning adoption, 1974-1980 (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/3) Scrapbook, mainly newscuttings including articles by Julia Freebury, concerning her campaign during the 1980 Queensland state election in which she stood, initially as the Australian Democrats candidate and then as an Independent, against Russ Hinze in the seat of South Coast (Locn No.: MLMSS 7012/3)

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