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Julia Trubridge-Freebury further papers, 1960s-2004

  • Repository Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 9698
  • Date Range 1960 - 2004
  • Description

    This collection documents Julia Trubridge-Freebury’s role as a prominent activist for women’s rights, particularly with regard to abortion but also other causes including her work with the Women’s Electoral Lobby and Dying with Dignity. The collection comprises printed material (newscuttings, newsletters, journal articles, leaflets and flyers) and correspondence. BOX 1 Papers relating to debate on abortion at Sydney Town Hall featuring Germaine Greer, 2 March 1972, including transcripts of Greer’s speech, and fellow debaters Dr Clark, Mr Smith, Mr Webb, and questioners Vol.4 No.5 Pol magazine, edited by Germain Greer Various correspondence between Julia Freebury and American doctors Leo F Kenneally, and J F Griggs relating to methods for terminating pregnancies, and possibility of acquiring property on Oxford Street for set up of small hospital nursing home Correspondence with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Minister for Aged, Family and Health Services, Children by Choice Association, Rousel Uclaf, The Worcester Centre for Experimental Biology, Australian Drug Evaluation Committee, relating to the drug RU486 Invitation to Senators and MPs to a breakfast meeting with Professor Etienne-Emile Baulieu at Parliament house, 15 November 1990; invitation to lecture ‘The international politics of RU486 at Monash University, 16 November 1990 Character references from Judge Elizabeth Evatt (Chief Judge, Family Court of Australia), J F Staples (Deputy President, Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission), Paul Stein QC Correspondence from W G Keighley Thank you letter from Louis Wald Letters from Trubridge-Freebury to Professor R P Ralston, T J Connolly (The Catholic Institute of Sydney); Justice H T Gibbs; Justice E A McTiernan; Justice A F Mason; Sir Garfield Barwick Various typescript letters relating to the Abortion Law Repeal Association Various letters to Trubridge-Freebury from people responding to her letter to the editor in The Australian, 30 March 1983, disagreeing with her views Various newspaper cuttings relating to abortion Copies of articles relating to abortion from POL, and Cosmopolitan magazines Letters written by Trubridge-Freebury attempting to get in contact with Cosmopolitan magazine journalist Correspondence between Trubridge-Freebury and Beatrice Faust (Co-founder of Women’s Electoral Lobby) relating to laws on abortion in Australia, various medical procedures for termination of pregnancies, the Women’s Abortion Action Campaign (WAAC), various private clinics and practitioners in Sydney Notes and correspondence relating to Dr Ackerman Registration of trademark ‘Children by Choice’ Letters to and responses from MPs, conference organisers, and public figures relating to abortion and euthanasia laws in Australia BOX 2 Copies of article ‘The Death of Compassion’ from The VE Bulletin, July 1997 Copies of articles relating to euthanasia from The Australian 28-19 March 1997 Wel-Informed newsletter, issues 135-136, 142 The Australian Humanist No.23, Spring 1972 Various published articles and letters to the editor relating to euthanasia, suicide, and The Women’s Electoral Lobby Various cuttings and copies of articles on suicide, and AIDS 1978-1995 Various writings on euthanasia, ca 1994 Various correspondence and papers relating to abortion, vasectomies, and contraception Issues of Breaking chains : the newspaper of ALRA, the Abortion Law Reform Association Lists of MPs and other people Trubridge-Freebury considered seeking to influence and lobby Letters thanking Trubridge-Freebury for assistance How to vote card for Julia Freebury Independent Candidate for South Coast BOX 3 Various newspaper cuttings relating to the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) and abortion laws; Opus Dei; Phyllis Schlafly Mejane : a womens liberation newspaper, May 1971 Newsletter Jessie Street National Women’s Library Vol.15 No.2, July 2004 Various newspaper cuttings relating to euthanasia Typescript manuscript titled ‘Reflections on the women involved in lobbying for abortion repeal’ Pamphlets and flyers relating to abortion laws in NSW Manuscript letter to the editor of The Australian, 1979 Certificate of registration for ‘Woollahra Abortion Advice Care Centre & Referral’, 15 February 1979 Letters proposing new line of condoms ‘Children by Choice’ Exercise book containing appointments and records of meetings, 1991-1999 Cutting of newspaper article relating to Freebury’s defection from the Australian Democrats Letters written by Trubridge-Freebury advocating change to abortion laws Various hand written notes by Trubridge-Freebury ’I had one too: an oral history of abortion in South Australia before 1970′ by Barbara Baird, 1990 Correspondence with George Petersen, former Labor MP, 1992 ’The inadequacies of Australian Abortion Law’ by Natasha Cica, September 1990 Issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, 7 May 1990, containing article concerning abortion Correspondence and papers relating to The Preterm Foundation Children by Choice interview sheet containing questions for clients BOX 4 Memo book containing names and telephone numbers Various newspaper cuttings and copies of articles related to abortion ’Right to choose womens health action magazine’ Poster and pamphlet for electoral candidate for Bligh, Bridget Gilling, 1971 Copy of leaflet ‘Hitler was anti abortion, Stalin was anti abortion’, 1969 Papers relating to Abortion Law Repeal Association, 1991 Correspondence with Australian Medical Association, Doctor’s Reform Society of NSW, Royal Commission of Human Relationships, Legislative Council NSW, Registrar’s Office District Court Correspondence relating to RU486 Papers from Fourth International Conference on Medical Abortion, 17-18 November 1990 Copies of submission from Peter J Huntingford to the ‘Royal Commission in New Zealand on Contraception, Sterilization, and Abortion’, 1976 BOX 5 Two scrapbooks titled ‘ALRA [Abortion Law Reform Association]’ containing cuttings of articles relating to abortion, 1984-1992

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