• Entry type: Cultural Artefact
  • Entry ID: AWE4475

Memorial Plaque – Women on Farms Gatherings, Ouyen, 1998

(1998 – )


A Memorial to past committee members of Women on Farms Gatherings was initiated by the Ouyen Gathering in 1998, and since then has been displayed in a prominent place at each Gathering.

The women acknowledged on the plaque include: Eileen Patricia (Pat) Hall, Sea Lake 1991; Kathleen (Kath) Paynter, Swan Hill 1995; Rhonda Weatherhead, Warragul 1990; Muriel Dick, Warragul 1990 & 1999.


Polished cross section of Mallee stump with small carved single furrow plough at the top. Brass plates have been secured to the surface.

Centre top plaque reads: ‘Women on farms Gatherings/ In memory of/ Past committee members’.
Separate plaques reads: ‘Eileen Patricia (Pat) Hall/ Sea Lake 1991’; ‘Kathleen (Kath) Paynter/ Swan Hill 1995’; ‘Rhonda Weatherhead/ WARRAGUL 1990’; ‘Muriel Dick/ Warragul 1990 & 1999’.
Lower plaque reads: ‘Memory board initiated by/ Ouyen W.O.F.G. 1998’.


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