• Entry type: Person
  • Entry ID: AWE5871

Milledge, Jacqueline

  • Occupation Coroner, Lawyer, Magistrate


In 1974 Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge became one of the first two female police prosecutors in NSW and remains the only person to be appointed directly from the constabulary to the bench in 1996. Milledge has gained a profile for her role as the Coroner in the 2006 inquest into Dianne Brimble’s death aboard a cruise liner; the 2003 inquest into the murders of three gay men near cliffs at Bondi; and the four-year inquest into the killing of prostitute Arron Light. Milledge entered the NSW police force the same year as Christine Nixon. She studied law as a 38-year-old and was appointed a magistrate at the age of 44.

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