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Patricia Brennan records relating to Movement for the Ordination of Women Sydney, 1974-2009

  • Repository Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    State Library of New South Wales
  • Date Range 1974 - 2009
  • Description

    MLMSS 10057 BOX 1 Personal papers and correspondence of Rev. Alison Cheek and Rev. Barbara Harris, 1974-1989. Includes publications and records relating to Episcopal Church in USA, 1974-1989 Correspondence, meeting minutes and articles of Episcopal Women, 1985-1989 Women of Vision (WOV) Presenter’s manual Records and correspondence of Sydney Diocesan Synod, 1984-1992, including order of business for Diocesan Synod of 1987, Presidential address to Synod 1987 and Opening Service of the 7th General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia, 25 August 1985 Legal records and correspondence of the Appellate Tribunal of the Anglican Church of Australia on the ordination of women to office of Priest Act 1988 of Diocese of Melbourne, 1986-1990, and Presbytery of Sydney Inquiring into Sermon Preached bv Reverend Dr Peter Cameron 1992 Meeting minutes, research papers and publications relating to Ordination of Catholic Women (OCW), 1990-1997 BOX 2 Correspondence, minutes and agendas of MOW Sydney, 1983-2009 Correspondence and records to Patricia Brennan, 1983-1996 Research papers, notes, submissions and records re MOW Sydney Committee and Womens studies, 1980-1987 Financial records of MOW National, 1986-1992 Correspondence and submission by MOW National to National Consultation & Assistance Programme for Women, Office of the Status of Women, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for research grants and funding, 1985-1987 Newsletters articles, publicity material, notes, conference and research papers, meeting minutes and correspondence relating to MOW National Network and National Conference for the Ordination of Women, 1985-1997 Contact lists of the MOW, ca. 1986-1994 BOX 3 Publications, newsletters and articles, including letters to members 1981-1999 Newspaper articles, research notes and correspondence MOW, 1983-1989 newsletters, newspaper articles, 1987-2006 BOX 4 Lecture notes, research material and news clippingss relating to Anglican Female Conservative and MOW, 1975-2009 BOX 5 Prayers, poems and sheet music Annotated script of ‘The Bride’s Pie’ Liturgies, church order of services for ordination ceremonies of women, 1985-1992 Draft notes for MOW speeches, talks for media, events and conferences, ca. 1967-1993 4 sound cassette tapes: Pat Brennan Pressure Point ABC, 16 May 1985; Cassandra Tape 1; Pachelbel Canon; Harmonic Convergence Aug 1987 – Earth Note Patricia Brennan letters to members of Australian Feminist Theology Foundation, MOW Sydney, 2007-2008 Anthea Johnstone Eyres research papers, typescripts and notes 1987 1988 Photographs National Network Canberra, March 1987 Minutes of National Network, 1986-1995 Conference papers and records of National Conference of the Movement of the Ordination of Women, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1995 BOX 6 Newspaper cuttings, research papers, articles and notes, ca, 1980- 2003 Minutes and agendas of MOW Sydney Committee 1983-1993, and MOW National Network, 1985-1988 Correspondence of publicity officer and minutes of MOW Committees, 1983-1986 Newsletters of MOW, 1983-1989 BOX 7 Membership records, correspondence and applications MOW Sydney, 1983-1989 Conference notes and papers from N.E.A.C. 1981, Women in Leadership 1968-1990. National Conference 1988 and Collaroy 1989 National Constitution 1985 & Incorporation Correspondence and papers relating to MOW organisational development, objectives, process and self analysis papers, 1985-1990 and letters to and from Patricia Brennan on MOW beginnings, 1985-1988 Bibliography re Women Priests Letters from Monica Furlong, 1984-1985 Photographs MOW Conference, ca. 1985-1986 Postcards 1987-1993 BOX 8 Newsletters, articles and letters re MOW International Network UK, 1986-1993 Letters from General Synod Action Committee, 1989-1993, and protest creed Papers, correspondence and minutes of Priesthood Committee, 1982-1983 Newspaper clippings, magazines and media articles, 1971-2002 Correspondence, mainly letters to and from Patricia Brennan, 1981-1994 Legal records relating to legal challenges and MOW National Constitution, 1986-1992 Members address lists, 2008-2009 MOW meeting notices, newsletters, pamphlets, fliers, ca. 1985-1994 BOX 9 Notes by Patricia Brennan Research papers, essays, book excerpt, ca. 1980 Conference papers, programs, minutes, notes and letters Women Authoring Theology Conference WATC 1991, MOW National Conference 1985 and MOW Annual Conference 1987 Newsletters, correspondence, reports of MOW Victoria 1984, Canberra-Goulburn MOW 1988, MOW Brisbane 1987-1990 and MOW SA 1986-1987 BOX 10 Media releases, 1987-1993 Newspaper clippings, articles and correspondence, ca. 1983-1994 Letters to Patricia Brennan, 1980-1993 BOX 11 Poems Newsletters, media releases and minutes of MOW Sydney, 1985-1992 Minutes and agendas of MOW National Network, 1984-1991 Ordination Papers 1987 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, articles and manuscript notes relating to New Women Romantic Love History & Ideas, 1989-1994 Contact list of Women Deacons 1990 Minutes, newsletters and surveys of Aust. Womens Assembly Committee / WATAC, 1989-1993 Press releases of MOW Sydney, 1987-1992 Conference proceedings and records of MOW National Conference, 1985 Newsletters, correspondence and minutes re MOW Sydney AGMs, 1986-1999 BOX 12 Research papers and reports, articles and news clippings on ordination of women in Australia and feminism, 1987-1992, and lecture notes 1972 Pamphlets and flyers and MOW London records ca. 1980-1984. Prayer diary for MOW National Membership and conference flyers, 1980-1990 Copy of letter to Bishop Browning from Rev Betty Bone Schiess with two photographs, ca. 1988 Report ‘A summary of the Appellate Tribunal’s Decision on the ordination of women as deacons’ Keith Mason QC. June 1987 Program ‘Women spirit rising: toward wholeness’, Lambeth 1988 BOX 13 Letters to Patricia Brennan, 1989-1993 News clippings, 1975 -1994 Research notes and papers, ca. 1988-1994 Correspondence, newsletters, workshop papers and flyers, ca. 1984-1988 BOX 14 Letters to Patricia Brennan from the public, ca. 1987-1988 Correspondence and conference papers relating to Lambeth Conference, 1988 Correspondence and records relating to General Synod, Womens Commission, Doctrine Commission,1985-1991 Records and papers of MOW Sydney, 1983 and 1986 Research paper and flyers re Women Against Ordination, ca. 1975-1984 Letters, papers and notes re Monica Denison and Goulburn non-ordination, ca. 1992 Notes and research papers re documentary film Fully Ordained Meat Pie, ca. 1987-1988, Play scripts and notes for street plays and dramas ‘The Ordination’ and ‘Checkmate’, 1983-1984 BOX 15 Papers and records Patrician Brennan, 1982-1990 Letters to Secretary Australian Feminist Theology Foundation, ca. 1990-1994 Finance records, receipts and cashbooks, 1989-1994 BOX 16 Records and correspondence Angela, Stroud Monastery, Gunya Chiara, Clare Library, ca. 1989-1998 Comics Records, correspondence and research papers of Australian Feminist Theology Foundation, ca. 1984-1996 BOX 17 Newsletters, pamphlets and flyers, ca. 1975-1992 Financial records, bank statements and membership applications Australian Feminist Theology Foundation, ca. 1992-1995 Letters to Patricia Brennan and Eilleen,1985-1999 PXD 1477 Folder 1 Photographs Folder 2 Placards Poster – August 1987: Anglican General Synod, Rite time for women

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