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Press Clippings

  • Repository The University of Melbourne Archives
  • Reference 2016.0063
  • Date Range 1914 - 2005
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    [Red Cross Archives series reference: V01] Comprises newspaper press clippings relating to Australian Red Cross activities from Victorian metropolitan and country newspapers since its establishment in 1915. Early articles were published by the Australian Red Cross as a form of public accountability respecting financial donations and subscriptions to appeals. As the organisation became established it continued to produce content, but increasingly it was created by press agencies themselves. This series provides an account of the activities of the ARC in war, peace and as it responds to national and international conflicts and humanitarian emergencies. It also documents the changing role and focus of the organisation over time. As the Victorian Division is in the same state as the National Office, it should be noted this series documents the Red Cross at a National and International level rather than exclusively the Victorian Division. This series has been created by pasting newspaper press clippings into volumes, annotating the date and source. These volumes are compiled into country, suburban, metropolitan newspapers and ordered chronologically. Occasionally there are dedicated volumes to POWs, AIDS, Ethiopia and World Disasters. After 1989 newspaper cutting, or photocopies of newspaper cuttings, were collected into folders. There is an index of topics for 1990-2000. The series is incomplete as newspaper cuttings between 1921 and 1935 are not held by either UMA or ARC. See also ‘Media Releases’ (2016.0056) Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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