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Rockingham Echo Newsletters

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  • Reference 2016.0065
  • Date Range 1961 - 1975
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    [Red Cross Archives series reference: V05] Comprises Rockingham Echo newsletters produced by residents of Rockingham for circulation amongst residents. Each booklet has an original screen printed cover on coloured paper, followed by a title page with the Editorial Group, Cover Design and Printer named. Each publication has an index; follow by reports on excursions, articles on sport, jokes, entertainment, quizzes, cartoons, poetry, short stories, and items of interest such as lists staff and their roles. See: Who s Who at Rockingham September 1961, p.21 (2016.0065.00001) This is difficult to estimate the exact print run and the frequency of publication. Some years the publication is monthly, others are bi monthly, quarterly or a combination these. What is clear is that there are no publications in this set for the years 1966, 1971, 1972. Rockingham Convalescent Home, Barkers Road Kew was established in 1940 as an 80-100 bed psychiatric facility for returned ex-service patients mostly from Heidelberg Repatriations hospital. In 1958 the name was changed to simply Rockingham upon the request of patients who objected to convalescent home which implied they were passive patients when their experience was of an active therapeutic community where stimulating activities and occupational therapy was provided such as weaving, ironwork, leatherwork, basketry and gardening which helped patients in their recovery. The facility continued to operate until 1977. See: Red Cross News, Dec 1988 Feb 1989, p.19. Rockingham where lives were put back together (2016.0064.00019). See also: ROCKINGHAM HOUSE COMMITTEE MINUTES (2016.0071.00023); and files relating to rehabilitation in CORRESPONDENCE FILES, NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS (2015.0033). Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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