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[Saucer and plate belonging to Mrs. Pankhurst, presented to Bessie Rischbieth by the Suffragette Fellowship London] [realia] / [manufactured by] Williamsons, Longton, Eng

  • Repository National Library of Australia
  • Reference PIC CZ Object Drawer 2 #A40006891
  • Date Range 1900 - 1900
  • Description

    Two pieces of a china tea set with the Angel of freedom insignia designed by Sylvia Pankhurst and produced by Williamsons in Longton, England. The plate was gifted to Bessie Rischbieth by the Suffrage Fellowship, London, and the saucer was given by suffragette Miss Basil McLellan as a contribution to Rischbieth’s collection on the history of the women’s suffrage. The tea service was commissioned for the Women’s Exhibition of 1909 held in Knightsbridge, London, a fundraising event organised for the Women’s Social and Political Union who campaigned for women’s suffrage in Great Britain. The china was used in the refreshments room during the Exhibition, and pieces were gifted to organisers or could be purchased as mementos after the event. Rischbieth labelled the china with the following statements: “Original cup & saucer belonging to Mrs Pankhursts tea service – Presented to Mrs B.M. Rischbieth by The Suffragette Fellowship London” and “The indefatigable Suffragettes! A plate belonging to that period”.

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  • Primary Custodian
    • Rischbieth, Bessie Mabel (1874 - 1967)