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Series 01: Street family – papers of Sir Philip Street, 1890-1938

  • Repository Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 1686 ADD-ON 2203/Boxes 1-4
  • Date Range 1890 - 1938
  • Description

    A. Correspondence, 1929-1936 B. Papers, 1890-1938 C. Visitors Books, 1934-1937 D. Printed material, 1917-1932 BOX 1 A. Correspondence, 1929-1936 Folder 1 1929; Letters received, being mainly letters sent by professional associates during Sir Philip Street’s visit to England. Correspondents include judges David Ferguson, James Campbell, Langer Owen, John Harvey, William Parker and Alexander Gordon Folder 2 1929; Letters received, being letters sent by family members during Sir Philip Street’s visit to England. Correspondents include Kenneth Street, Jessie Street, Belinda Street, Philippa Street, Roger Street, Ernest Street and Norah Street Folder 3 1926-1936; Letters received Folder 4 1936; Cables received, being carbon typescripts of official cables sent by the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs on behalf of the British government during the abdication crisis of 1936 B. Papers, 1890-1938 Folder 5 / Items 1-3 1914-1921; Papers concerning Laurence Whistler Street (1893-1915), including Ms. transcript of letter written by Laurence W. Street describing landing at Gallipoli, 1915; letters of condolence; Commission as lieutenant in the AIF; studio portrait of Laurence W. Street in uniform Item 1: Letter by Laurence W. Street describing landing at Gallipoli, and condolence letters, 1915, transcribed by Philip Street Item 2: Official letters of condolence concerning Laurence Whistler Street, 1919, 1921 Item 3: Laurence Whistler Street photograph and papers, ca. 1914-1918 BOX 2 1890-1932; Miscellaneous papers, being invitations, menu cards, booklets and programmes including, official invitation ‘To commemorate the establishment at Canberra of the Seat of Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, May 9th 1927’ 1914-1935; Papers of Philip Whistler Street, being miscellaneous papers and speeches given by Philip Street and others on his retirement in 1933 ca.1925-1938; Speeches given by Philip Whistler Street, being Ms. corrected drafts 1917-1932; Papers concerning the estate of the late Miss Harriett M. Poolman 1936; Bookplate, being bookplate designed by Gayfield Shaw for presentation to King George V. and including an explanatory letter to Sir Philip Street from Shaw BOX 3 1908-1917; Cash book, being cash book of Philip Whistler Street C. Visitors Books, 1934-1937 1934-1936; ‘List of Callers on His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and Lady Street’, being three bound volumes 1933-1937; ‘Visitors Book of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor and Lady Street’, being one bound volume D. Printed material, 1917-1932 1917-1928; Published journals, being ‘Hermes’ (1917-1918); ‘Blackacre’ (1926); and ‘The Pauline’ (1928) BOX 4 1919-1923; Catalogues, being catalogues (3) of art exhibitions 1932; Newscuttings, being part of ‘Daily Telegraph’ 5 Feb. 1932 including article about Sir Philip Street

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