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Sir John Burton Cleland (1878-1971) – Papers, principally relating to anthropology and medicine

  • Repository The University of Adelaide, Barr Smith Library Rare Books & Special Collections
  • Reference MSS 572 C61
  • Date Range 1905 - 1971
  • Description

    1. Letters from ‘persons of note’ and ‘prominent persons’. 1905-44. 3 cm. 2. Correspondence (mainly letters received by Cleland). 1912-59. 8 cm. 3. Letters from Olive Pink. May 1930 – December 1934. 2 cm. 4. Note books of observations and experiments on expeditions to Macdonald Downs 1930, Cockatoo Creek 1931, Mt 5. Reports by Cleland on anthropological expeditions 1933-39. 1 cm. 6. Reports on visits to and inspections of missions and ‘native institutions’ by Cleland (most on behalf of the Aborigines Protection Board) and on matters of Board policy and the welfare of Aboriginal Australians. 1938-48 and undated. 2 cm. 7. Reports on visits to missions and locations by others, and copies of correspondence memoranda etc. received by the Aborigines Protection Board. 1929, 1937-60. 4 cm 8. Papers and addresses by Cleland on Aboriginal Australians (reprints, ms and typescripts, some with notes). 1934-57 (most undated). 5 cm. 9. Daisy Bates Memorial Committee. Correspondence and newspaper cuttings re the Fund, use and publication of the papers, and the award of Memorial Prizes for projects by schoolchildren on aboriginal life. 1951-53, 1960-61. 1 cm. 10. Newspaper and magazine cuttings, principally general articles re Aboriginal Australians. 1934, 1947-48, 1951 (re Flinders Chase), 1953, 1955, 1959 (Stuart Royal Commission), 1960 (proposed memorial to Ernest Kramer). 2 cm. 11. Contributions by Cleland on medical, botanic and ornithological subjects (reprints, photocopies and journal issues). 1906-70. 4 cm. 12. Obituaries 1971 and draft entry in 1966 Who’s Who. 1 cm. 13. ‘Medical pictures and notes’. Collection of popular articles, illustrations, photographs, cartoons etc. relating to the history of medicine. 3 cm. 14. Reprints of papers by A.A. Abbie, Joseph Birdsell, J.R. Casley-Smith, H.M. Cooper, H.H. Finlayson, Edmund Gill, C.J. Hackett, F.R. Irvine, Ursula McConnel, R.T. Simmons and T.G.H. Strehlow on the physical anthropology and material culture of Aboriginal Australians. 1947-59. 16 items. 15. Publications on Aboriginal culture and social issues. 1932-59. 10 items. Note: the 6 items listed below have now been catalogued separately: F.W. Albrecht, The natural food supply of the Australian Aborigines Ronald M. Berndt, Social anthropological survey of the Warburton, Blackstone and Rawlinson ranges [report] March 1959 The National Aborigines Day Observance Committee in association with The National Missionary Council of Australia, Call to national observance Ministers’ Bulletin 43, May 1960 H.K. Fry, Dieri legends (1-2) Folk-Lore xlviii, June and September 1937 Nganyintjanya Ernabella News Letter August 1943

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