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The Winifred Hilliard Collection

  • Repository AIATSIS Pictorial Collection
  • Reference HILLIARD.W01.CS
  • Date Range 1950 - 1983
  • Description

    Daily life and events of the people of Ernabella community. Subjects include: copy of ‘Australia Twice Travered’ by Ernest Giles; ‘Explorer’s stumps’; landscapes; remains of the Brown family home; children riding mules or hinneys; gathering and carrying spinifex; wiltjas (shelters); carrying load of wood; firelighting with woomera; hurling spears; harnessed camels; preparing for walkabout; Camp pup; Shirely Well; spinning thread; kneading damper; grinding stones – tjiwa (large) and tjungari (small); escarpment; camp scenes; camp shelters; views of the Musgrave Ranges; Kanini (sifting seeds or sand in a dish); acacia branch (used for kiti gum); plucking emu feathers; campfire; Kraal-type wiltjas (shelters); tecoma (for making spear shaft); making spear; making woomeras; kangaroo cooking; Ngintaka (perenti) goanna; silhouette of man standing in traditional pose on rock escarpment; spear heads; stone axe and stone knives; digging for witchetty grubs (maku?); digging for water; gathering mistletoe berries; milpali (small goannas); digging dishes; tjanmata (bush onion); wild fig; pitchi; grinding wakati; Witita – a fungus that grows on sandhills; honey ants; mangka milimili (hair style worn by mothers of adolescent boys); Ulpuru calling for ceremony; corroborees and ceremonies; nose peg (Septum piercing); ringkiliya – a pendant; traditional performance for the Elliotts’ farewell; childrens’ corroboree; dancing; carving lizard statues; wood carvings; MacHensley (rocky outcrop); Mount Carruthers; view of mission; mission and station buildings; community buildings – church, hospital, industrial school, airstrip, Top House (staff house), Manse garden; births; religious ceremonies including attending the opening of Flynn Church in Alice Springs with Prince Philip, creating artwork and displaying artwork at many Australian regional shows, winning awards for craft work, housing construction, children attending bilingual school; art; craft; artefacts; bush foods; mission areas; portraits; social activities

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  • Primary Creator
    • Hilliard, Winifred Margaret (1921 - 2012)