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W.A.A.A.F. at war

  • Repository Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc
  • Reference MS 000289 (Box 115-3)
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    W.A.A.A.F. at war, written from memory, 1966. The author describes this work as a chronicle of life and work in the W.A.A.A.F. ‘. . . With some of its ups and downs, the comradeship and cheerful spirit of service and the recreational highlights . . . ‘. Reminiscences, 1940-1946, with particular reference to radar stations, Lytton Pooh Bah, training of recruits and officer cadets, transport drivers, movement orders, and miscellaneous description of servicemen and women in World War II. NOTE: The manuscript was published by Mullaya publications, 1974. Keywords: Air Force, Radar stations, Robertson, Elizabeth Marion, W.A.A.A.F, Women, war service, Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force, World War II

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