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Papers of Nancy Cato

Papers of Nancy Cato
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 757
Date Range
1939 - 1995
Cato, Nancy (1917 - 2000)

Letters, novel "Towards the source", "Green grows the vine", miscellaneous verse, photographs, editor's "mock up" of the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1950. Also includes letters, mainly personal, from other writers commenting on her work, (1946-1976). Correspondents include Ian Mudie, Mary Durack, John Bray, Gwen Harwood, R.H. Morrison, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Douglas Stewart, Dorothy Green, C. B. Christesen, Kylie Tennant, Dymphna Cusack, Nancy Keesing (added 9.12.76). Other letters added to the collection include those of: Florence James, Nancy Keesing, Judith Wright, Dorothy Green, Gwen Harwood and Flexmore Hudson (added 30.5.96) and Andrew Hay, son of William Gosse Hay (added 16.6.96). A number of letters refer to the formation of Lyrebird Writers, of which Cato and Roland Robinson were founding members. The collection also contains a transcript of dictated excerpts from the diary of Daniel Matthews, 1889, together with photcopies of his diaries, 1899-90, used in research for Mr Maloga (added 30.5.96).

Correspondence, Photographs and Drafts of books
3 boxes 1 folio box (0.85 m)
Available for reference
Finding Aid

Cited In: Guide to collections of manuscripts relating to Australia ; D281.

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