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Papers of Herbert and Ivy Brookes

Papers of Herbert and Ivy Brookes
Papers of Herbert Brooks
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 1924
Date Range
1869 - 1970

Consists of correspondence, notes, diaries, minute books, photographs and cuttings covering every phase of the careers of Herbert and Ivy Brookes. There are papers on the Liberal Party, the People's Liberal Party, the Commonwealth Liberal Party, the Brown Society (1907-1921), the Australian Protective League (1918), the National Union (1917), the Loyalist League (1918), the Board of Trade (1918-1928), the Tariff Board (1922-1928), the Australian Broadcasting Commission (1932-1940), the University of Melbourne (1933-1947), the National Council of Women (1921-1970), the Women's Hospital (1912-1970), the International Club (1932-1958) and the Lady Northcote Permanent Trust Fund (1908-1969).
The main correspondents are: Sir Kenneth Bailey, Sir James Barrett, Sir Norman Brookes, S.M. Bruce, W.J. Cleary, Sir Joseph Cook, Bishop Philip Crick, Alfred and Pattie Deakin, Sir Frederic Eggleston, Sir Littleton Groom, Sir Bernard Heinze, W.M. Hughes, Arthur Woodward, Sir Richard Jebb, H. Price, Ina Fisher, Timothy Littleton, J.S. Crow, Philip Kennedy, Sir Walter Leitch, A.H.S. Lucas, Jane McMillan, Professor G.W.L. Marshall-Hall, Sir Walter Massey-Green, Sir Walter Murdoch, George Nicholas, Sir George Pearce, Sir Claude Reading, Staniforth Ricketson, Sir David Rivett, Rohan Rivett, T.E. Ruth, Rev. Charles Strong and Mary Allen.

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