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Fiona Davis, Nell Musgrove and Judith Smart


This collection is the outcome of a conference held in November 2010 as part of a Linkage Project funded by the Australian Research Council-LP100200304 Women and Leadership in a Century of Australian Democracy-and administered by the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne. We thank the ARC for making this project possible. Some of the chapters are also products of research associated with other ARC-funded projects and these are acknowledged in the notes accompanying those specific contributions. The editors wish to thank Professor Patricia Grimshaw for her leadership in this project and for her support and encouragement in helping bring this publication to fruition, Professor Shurlee Swain for planning and organising the conference from which most of the chapters were drawn, and Professor Christina Cregan of the Faculty of Business and Economics for organising financial support for the conference from her faculty. The editors also wish to thank the Director of the eScholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, Gavan McCarthy, for his advice on online production and for underwriting hardcopy publication, and, in particular, Centre Research Fellow, Helen Morgan, who meticulously carried out the detailed and time-consuming tasks of formatting and production. Simon Strong, Executive Officer, Custom Book Centre, Melbourne University Bookshop, has also been extremely helpful in advising on and facilitating hardcopy publication. Essential assistance was also given by a large number of unnamed referees who devoted time and energy to commenting on and suggesting improvements for the chapters included in the collection. Most of all, however, the editors wish to thank the contributors who responded with efficiency and good will to all our seemingly inane requests. We hope they find the outcome worthwhile.

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Delegates attending the Constitutional Women's Convention, Parliament House foyer, 1998.
Photographer: Loui Sesalja. Source: National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.pic-an20097450-16

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