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Rosemary Francis, Patricia Grimshaw and Ann Standish


Seizing the Initiative: Women Leaders in Politics, Workplaces and Communities, had its origins in papers delivered at the conference 'Women, Democracy and Leadership in Twentieth Century Australia' held at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra in December 2011. The conference was associated with an ARC Linkage grant focused on women leaders in a century of Australian democracy in which academics from the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, the Australian Catholic University and Griffith University participated. Their Industry Partner collaborators are the Museum of Australian Democracy, the National Library of Australia, the National Film and Sound Archives, the National Archives of Australia, the National Foundation of Australian Women and the Australian Nursing Federation. We are grateful to Libby Stewart of the Museum of Australian Democracy and Joy Damousi of the University of Melbourne who organised the highly successful conference.

We are grateful also to Gavan McCarthy, Helen Morgan and Nikki Henningham of the eScholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, who undertook the technical aspects of producing the online collection, and to Simon Strong of the Custom Book Centre of the Melbourne University Bookshop for facilitating the hard copy edition. Our gratitude goes also to Judith Smart and Shurlee Swain who offered sage advice throughout.

Finally we express our thanks to two groups of scholars: first, to those who served as anonymous referees, for their conscientious and constructive attention to the papers they so generously read and commented on; second, to our contributors who promptly and efficiently responded to our queries and made this collaborative endeavour possible. We hope they are satisfied with the outcome.

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Float in a Woman's Suffrage procession, Washington DC, 3 March 1913 (Bain News Service, Courtesy Bain Collection, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA).

Contacting the Authors

Affiliations and contact emails for individual authors can be found in each article pdf.

Print Publication

A small print run of Seizing the Initiative was published by the eScholarship Research Centre in October 2012, ISBN 978-0-7340-4797-7. These have now sold out.