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Arnold, Pam

  • Occupation Local government councillor, Political candidate


Pam Arnold had a long and successful career in local government as a Councillor for Shoalhaven from 1995-2004. She also ran as an Independent candidate for the South Coast in 2003.


Elected to the Shoalhaven Council in 1995, Pam Arnold did extensive work on Council Committees, notably the Aboriginal Advisory Committee (1997-2004), Industrial Development and Employment Committee (1997-2004), The Shoalhaven Tourism Board (1997-2004), the Youth Advisory Committee (1996-2004) and the Works and Finance Committee (2000-04). Outside Council duties, she was also a member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Council, the National Parks and Wildlife Advisory Council and was appointed by the Minister to the NSW Fire Brigades Advisory Council (1999-2004).


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