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Audrey Blake and Jack Blake further papers, 1937-2004

  • Repository State Library of New South Wales
  • Reference MLMSS 7927
  • Date Range 1937 - 2004
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    BOX 1 Folder 1: ‘Correspondence to A Blake…’, 1949, 1966, 1990-2001, being correspondence, mainly letters received. Correspondents include Jan Blake, ca. 1984; Race Mathews, 1992; Joy Storie, 1996; Mavis Robertson, 1998; Jack Blake, date unknown; Mona Brand, 1997; Len Fox, 1997; Geoff Sharp, 2000; Elizabeth Harrower, 2001; Terry Irving, 2001; Wendy Beckett, 2001; Editors of Arena and Overland, 2000; Guy Rundle, 2001; Stuart Macintyre, 2001; Geraldine Doogue, 1997; Bruce Armstrong, 1944, date unknown; and postcards from Audrey in London and Italy to Mrs Williams, c/- Eureka Youth League, Sydney Folder 2: ‘Correspondence during Jack’s last illness…’, 1990-2001, being correspondence, mainly letters received, with Geoff Sharp, 2000; Nonie Sharp, 2000, Amirah Inglis, date unknown; and Frank Stilwell, 2000 Folder 3: Correspondence of Jack and Audrey Blake, being mainly letters received, 1959-2001. Correspondents include Blake their grandchildren, David, Katy and Rick Sandblom; Jan Blake, date unkbown; Amirah Inglis, 1983; Stuart Macintyre, ca. 1998, date unknown; Joy Storie, 1991; Jim Staples, date unknown; Rod Shaw, date unknown; Elizabeth Harrower, 1990, 1998; Frank Stilwell, 2001; Bruce Johnson, 1991; Pauline Armstrong, 1998; Phillip Deery, 2000 Folder 4: ‘Blake – Higgins’, being correspondence with Stuart Macintyre, 1997, mainly regarding Esmonde Higgins Folder 5: ‘Correspondence – & Family Stuff’, 1979-2002, including letters of condolence received on the death of Jack Blake. Correspondents include Elizabeth Harrower, 2000; Stuart Macintyre, 2000; Jim Adams and Jean Adams, 2000; Phillip Deery, 2001; Amirah Inglis, 1998; Bruce Armstrong, 2002; Geoff Sharp, 1998-1999; Audrey McDonald and Tom McDonald, date unknown; with postcards (3) from Audrey to Jack, date unknown; correspondence of Audrey Blake with Public Trust Offic, Vic., 1979-1982, regarding her late brother Reginald B. J. Boyd; notes by Audrey for obituary of Jack; and copy of income tax return of Jack Blake, 1972-1973 Folder 6: Letters from Audrey Blake to Edward John Walker and Margaret Walker, 1987-1998 Folder 7: Letter received by Audrey Blake from Margaret and Jack [Walker ?], 2000; photocopy of Stuart Macintyre’s obituary of Jack Blake, The Australian, 11 Dec. 2000; and note by Jack Blake for [or] regarding Evelyn Healy Folder 8: Correspondence, 1969-2004. Correspondents include Blake grandchildren, 1987-1992; Helen Palmer, 1969; Mitchell Library, 1993; Amirah Inglis, 1979, 2002; Stuart Macintyre, 2002; Gavin Kitching; Ken Inglis, 2004; Phillip Deery, 2001; and Walter Seddon Clayton, 1992 Folder 9: ‘Family Personal etc.’, ca. 1980-2000, including letters received from grandson, David Sandblom, 1991, date unknown; passports (2) of Jack and Audrey Blake, 1980-1982; copy of Jack Blake’s death certificate, 23 Oct. 2000; and issue of Blake’s Humour and Satire Monthly, no. 1 Apr. [1983] Folder 10: ‘Personal Stuff’, 1954, 1967-1994, including notes and writings by Jack Blake and personal documents, and letters to Audrey Folder 11: Photographs of Jack and Audrey with family and friends, 1937-1994 BOX 2 Folder 1: ‘Audrey’, being photocopies of Eureka Youth League Syllabus 1945; issue of Young Engineer, issued by Melbourne District Youth Committee of Amalgamated Engineering Union, Apr. 1943; listing of Communist Party of Australia Victorian State Committee Collection at the University of Melbourne Archives; ‘If Those Walls Could Only Speak’ by Harry Stein in Jazz, Summer/Autumn 1986 Folder 2: Articles and speeches by Jack Blake, 1956-1991, including manuscript, typescript and printed versions, and list of articles written by Jack and Audrey Blake in Communist Review, 1950-1956 Folder 3: ‘Articles by JDB’, 1968-1972 Folder 4: ‘Writings & Speeches of A. Blake’, being photocopy of ‘The Death & The Funeral’, Sept. 1997, a critique on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales Folder 5: ‘Notes & Speeches & Articles by JDB for the Mitchell Library’, 1950-1988, being photocopies of articles from Communist Review, 1950 Folder 6: Red folder of Audrey Blake papers, 1965-2002, including listing of Audrey Blake Collection, University of Melbourne Archives, Accession No. 96/60, and folder regarding the film Red Matildas, ca. 1985 Folder 7: ‘Odd Notes of JDB’, 1958-1997, including notes on multiculturalism, and ‘Notes on Patrick White’, based on discussion on the Left of White’s work with correspondence with Stephen Murray-Smith, 1962 BOX 3 Folder 1: ‘EYL Material / Students’ Labour Clubs / etc’, 1941-1954, 2001, including printed material and copy of ‘Vale Jim Adams’ by Bruce Armstrong, 30 Aug. 2001 Folder 2: ‘Songs, Youth, E.Y.L., Students’, 194-195-, including song books Folder 3: ‘The Eureka Youth League’, 1954, 1964, 1996-2001, including copies of Constitution, 1954, 1964; obituaries of Pauline Armstrong (1928-2001) and Audrey Blake’s funeral oration for Rivkah Mathews, Feb. 1998; and annotated newscutting regarding EYL camp near Yarra Glen, Vic. From Sunday Herald Sun, 4 Feb. 1996 Folder 4: Friends’, including poem by Marjorie Pizer, May 1969 and presentation program of Penrith’s Q Theatre production of Reedy River, signed by the playwright Dick Diamond Folder 5: Folder containing copy The Road to Peace (1954) by J. E. Owen Folder 6: ‘Work in progress until 3 days before he entered hospital…’, being notes compiled by Jack Blake on aspects of Communist Party of Australia history Folder 7: ‘Chronology attempts & material JDB was working on until 3 days before hospital’, 1945-1950, 1981, 2000, including notes and copies of his writings, and correspondence with Evelyn Healy and Kevin Healy Folder 8: Reviews of Revolution from Within (1971-1972) by Jack Blake Folder 9: Miscellaneous and printed material, 1967-2000, including draft of ‘Community Carnival or Cold War Strategy ? The 1952 Youth Carnival for Peace and Friendship’ by Phillip Deery and copy of ‘Lithgow’s Last Years as a Steel Town’ by a. C. Clarke, Lithgow District Historical Society Occasional Papers, no. 15, Apr. 1980 BOX 4 Bound annotated volumes of Communist Review, 1949-1952, with photocopies from selected issues; issue of Communist Review, vol 4 no. 9, Sept. 1937; and copy of Bartlett Adamson (Mar. 1963) by Len Fox, being signed presentation received from the author

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