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Australian Comforts Fund

(From 1916 – 1920)
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The Australian Comforts Fund was established in August 1916 to co-ordinate the activities of the state based patriotic funds, which were established earlier in World War I. Mainly run by women, they provided and distributed free comforts to the Australian ‘fit’ fighting men in all the battle zones. They became divisions of the Australian Comforts Fund. The Council of the Fund comprised two delegates from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and one from the states of Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. The Executive headquarters was located in Sydney. It ceased operation on 10 April 1920 and was reconstituted in World War II in June 1940 and ceased operation again on 27 June 1946.


The state bodies in World War I were: New South Wales: the ‘Citizens’ ‘War Chest’ Fund; Queensland Patriotic Fund; South Australia: League of Loyal Women; Tasmania: ‘On Active Service Fund’; Australian Comforts Fund, Victorian Division; Victoria League of Western Australia.
During World War II the state bodies were called : The Lord Mayor’s Patriotic and War Fund of New South Wales; the Australian Comforts Fund, Victorian Division; the Australian Comforts Fund, Queensland Division; the Australian Comforts Fund, Tasmanian Division; the Fighting Forces Comforts Fund SA Inc; the Victoria League Camp Comforts Fund ( W A )
Australian Comforts Fund commissioners conducted its activities in the field, holding honorary rank as officers of the Army or Air Force.


Published resources

  • Book
    • Proud story: the official history of the Australian Comforts Fund, Jackson, C O Badham, 1949
  • Edited Book
    • The History of the Australian Comforts Fund: being the official record of a voluntary civilian organisation which during the Great War (1914-1919) and until the return of all the Australian troops (1920) provided and distributed free comforts to the Australian fit fighting men in all the battle zones and in other ways alleviated the distress inevitable in war, Bowden, Samuel H, [1922]
  • Resource

Archival resources

  • Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    • Australian Comforts Fund papers, 1916-1919

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