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Boyd, Anne Elizabeth

(1946 – )
  • Born 10 April, 1946, Sydney New South Wales Australia
  • Occupation Composer


Anne Boyd was appointed Professor and Head of Department of Music at the University of Sydney in 1990. Over twenty-five years earlier, in 1963, Boyd had commenced her studies in music at the same university with Peter Sculthorpe as her principal composition teacher.

Boyd was awarded a Commonwealth Overseas Scholarship in 1969 and, under the supervision of Wilfrid Mellers and Bernard Rands, she prepared a portfolio of compositions for her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of York. In 1972 she was appointed Lecturer in Music at the University of Sussex, and held the position for five years. She returned to Australia in 1977 as a freelance composer before becoming Reader and founding Head of the Department of Music at the University of Hong Kong in 1981.

Boyd is a recipient of many awards including in 1996 an AM in the Order of Australia for service to music as a composer and educator. She featured in Facing the Music, a documentary about the University of Sydney’s Department of Music.

Published resources

  • Resource
  • Playing Score
    • As Far as Crawls the Toad: For Five Young Percussionists, Boyd, Anne, 1977
  • Music
    • The Voice of the Phoenix, Boyd, Anne, c1973
    • String Quartet No. 1, Boyd, Anne, 1971
    • String Quartet No. 2 'Play on the Water' Klee, Boyd, Anne, c1973
    • As It Leaves the Bell, Boyd, Anne, c1973
    • Cycle of Love for Counter Tenor, Alto Flute, 'Cello, Piano, Boyd, Anne, [1981?]
    • Bencharong, Boyd, Anne, c1977
    • Summer Nights for Alto or Counter Tenor and Small Orchestra, Boyd, Anne, [1976]
    • As All Waters Flow, Boyd, Anne, c1978
    • The Little Mermaid An Opera in 2 Acts, Boyd, Anne; Lee Robin (text by), c1978
    • The Rose Garden, Boyd, Anne, c1973
    • The Metamorphoses of the Solitary Female Phoenix for Wind Quintet, Pianoforte and Percussion, Boyd, Anne, c1973
    • The Last of His Tribe for SSA Soloists and SSA unaccompanied Chorus, Boyd, Anne, c1979
    • Rain on Castle Island for SSS (or SSA) with Chime Bars, Maracas, Cymbals and Piano Duet, Boyd, Anne; Hakusho, Kitahara (words by), c1970
    • Cloudy Mountain for Flute and Piano, Boyd, Anne, c1995
    • Bali Moods, No 1 for Flute and Piano (1987), Boyd, Anne, 1994
    • The Death of Captain Cook an Oratorio for Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Tree Small Choirs, Large Chorus and Orchestra, Boyd, Anne, c1978
    • Red Sun, Chill Wind for Flute and Piano (1980), Boyd, Anne, c1995
    • Coal River for SATB Choir with Orchestra, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • Kakan for Alto Flute, Marimba and Piano, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • Beside Bamboos for Solo Violin, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • Wind Across Bamboo for Woodwind Quintet, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • The Burning Babe for Soprano Solo and Women's or Boy's voices a Capella, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • A Song of Rain SSA Choir, Solo Voice and Wind Maker, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • At Telegraph Bay Five Songs for Baritone with Piano, Boyd, Anne; [Kemp, Jan and Spencer, John (text by)], [1999]
    • Summer Nights, Boyd, Anne, [1999]
    • Black Sun, Boyd, Anne, [1996?]
    • Concerto for Flute and Strings, Boyd, Anne, [1996?]
    • Revelation of Divine Love Choral, Boyd, Anne
    • Angklung for Solo Piano, Boyd, Anne, c1976
    • My Name is Tian for Soprano, Flute, Viola, Harp and Percussion, Boyd, Anne; Kim, Don'o (text by), 1982
    • Goldfish Through Summer Rain for Flute and Piano, Boyd, Anne, 1980
  • Sound recording
    • [Conversation with Anne Boyd], de Berg, Hazel (interviewer), 1969
  • Edited Book
    • Who's Who in Australia 2002, Herd, Margaret, 2002

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